What is raya?

Raya is an ASP .NET MVC social site. Initially, the objective of this open source project is to create a site that will allow users to create applications based on the OpenSocial API v0.8 on a .NET platform. It also acts as a playground to test out other social frameworks and web technologies like Facebook, Google Friend Connect, Twitter and Windows Azure. The goal is to create a social platform that integrates these social frameworks as an engine for those interested in playing around with the social web.

Site features

  • ASP .NET 3.5
  • OpenSocial API 0.8
  • OpenSocial container
  • OpenSocial gadget support
  • photo uploading using swfUpload
  • support login via OpenID, Yahoo!ID (not working yet), Google Account, Google Friend Connect, Facebook Connect
  • Windows Azure support

OpenSocial Conformance test

Results for the conformance tests are viewable here. Raya uses pesta which is a port of Java Shindig.


Originally, Raya is a .NET port of Partuza developed by Chris Chabot. Raya requires the use of pesta which is a .NET port of the OpenSocial gadget server Shindig. Raya & pesta is both licensed under Apache Software License 2.0.

Raya is developed in C# on ASP .NET 3.5 using MVC and LINQ. More information may be found at my6solutions.com. The source code for pesta is available via SVN from googlecode.

The source code for Partuza which is developed in PHP is available here.

The name raya originates from the Malay/Indonesian word which means celebrate, usually in the context of festivals.

Future plans

Future plans include
  • more Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect features
  • OpenSocial 0.9
  • droppable gadgets
  • Google Wave?

Current status

For live updates, you can follow me on twitter and/or you can follow the bit flipper. For more information, please visit my blog at http://my6solutions.com. I'm currently working on a web app that will be using raya so actual work on raya will be on a need to do basis.


What documentation? There is a lack of documentation. The plan is to build it as I go along from questions asked. So there will continue to be a lack of documentation until there are questions in the forum.


Anyone interested in contributing to this project is most welcomed. Donations are also welcomed here.

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